Right Symbol

Destiny cannot be changed - The story of Right Symbol achieving the heights.

What we think sometimes does not happen in our destiny. We think that things should go in our way, but in this world, whatever God wants, happens. Such is the story that our company is destined to develop and evolve. So now let’s talk about the Right Symbol, which was not established intentionally, but its owner’s luck was such that he left his football career and established a company.


As you know, Right Symbol is a digital marketing and technology consultant company. The journey of the development of this company is no less than a roller-coaster ride; many twists and turns occurred that made the company evolve. The company’s founder, Jayant Lakhera, believes that there is no regret of this journey because if this journey had not happened, then perhaps there would not have been the gratitude for this success and the happiness that we have achieved today.


The story of the establishment of Right Symbol starts in 2010 when Jayant Lakhera left his National level football career and started the search for the next big thing with a potential team. The story is a journey of developing skills, knowledge, and experience while following an instinct to solve problems with a robust team that includes Sadanand Sisodia, Prashant Singh, Kanika Lakhera, and Arush Sharma.


This story reaches a turning point when Lakhera recognizes the potential of the virtual world and his team member suggested to go for it, and due to this, he takes a Google AdSense course, after which he enters the area of e-commerce and shows it by doing wonders. But it was usually sold on multiple platforms, optimizing product listings and managing the supply chain. This interest led to an understanding of creating websites and an understanding of payment gateways, and user access journeys.


A breakthrough came in 2013 with the launch of their own website business with a team. Recognizing the immense value that the internet held for the sports ecosystem, Lakhera established Sportsbrick Networks Private Limited in 2016. The company quickly gained traction as a SaaS-based enterprise, becoming a trusted name in the sports industry. However, as demand for their marketing expertise surged, Sportsbrick expanded its horizons beyond sports, extending its consulting services to businesses across various sectors.


The growing reputation and global demand led Sportsbrick Networks Private Limited to England in 2017, marking a significant milestone in their journey. The company’s evolution continued, responding to the market’s needs and transitioning from a SaaS-based business to a services-oriented organization. With this shift came the realization that a new brand identity was required to reflect the company’s dynamic nature beyond its sports-centric origins.


In 2021 a new foundation was led with the name “Right Symbol” in the UK and India to scale the consulting business all around the globe. The rebranding did well, and “Right Symbol” kept on solving problems it faced while in other businesses during the old days, like working with genuine mobile app and web development teams and creating the right marketing strategy for products and businesses. The right Symbol name was finalized, keeping a passion for doing “What feels right.”


Right Symbol’s core lies in a passion for ethical business practices and credibility. The dedicated team operates with a sportsman’s spirit, nurturing long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and shared success. Their commitment to sustainable business growth resonates with clients, who value Right Symbol as strategic cooperation in their marathon toward success.


With a strong focus with the team on ethics and credibility, Right Symbol embodies the spirit of collaboration and a genuine desire to uplift businesses and brands. Their track record speaks for itself as they continue to solve complex problems, create dynamic marketing strategies, and unlock businesses’ true potential.


To learn more about Right Symbol and how they can help scale your business, visit their website at rightsymbol.com or connect with them on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/therightsymbol.