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Client Overview

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extravagant wedding, you’ll fall in love with Trois Estate at Enchanted Rock. Our top amenities include a pool, grotto, saloon, rooftop courtyard, and reception hall. When you visit Trois Estate, you’ll step back in time and experience our hand-built artistic village inspired by San Miguel de Allende.


Our client aims to increase their presence in Texas. Our main goal is to raise awareness about the opportunities for visitors to enjoy a stay at Enchanted Rock. Additionally, our client intends to educate the public about the various events they can host at this location, including weekend getaways, weddings, receptions, birthday parties, and more.

What We Provided

We provided Trois Estate with the expertise, guidance and data needed to accelerate growth, putting Trois Estate on the highway to success.

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Strategy Deployment

Our team of experts meticulously conducted research to identify the most effective keywords for Trois Estate, with a focus on enhancing organic reach by balancing relevance and search volume. Concurrently, we initiated efforts to improve our local citations and optimize our Google My Business profile, strategically bolstering our visibility within the Texas region.

After identifying core keywords to target.

We restructured the website for SEO optimization, updated meta titles, and meta descriptions by incorporating relevant keywords, and updated Google My Business to maximize visibility and enhance search-based impression growth.

Our SEO Results

Top Keyword Positions:


  • Trois Estate achieved a 280% increase in keyword ranking, resulting in a 482% boost in organic traffic.
  • RightSymbol’s SEO work and guidance have helped Trois Estate achieve consistent organic traffic growth, from which it continues to benefit.

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