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Client Overview

Benefit from 30+ Years of Expert Coaching: Upon relocating to Texas, our client, a former professional contact sports player with 15 years of experience, expressed growing concerns about his son’s potential involvement in football. These worries mirrored those of other parents in the community, as youth football participation had dwindled. The underlying reason, overwhelmingly, was the fear of concussions. This concern spurred our client to investigate the tackling techniques taught to young players and their coaches. Numerous questions arose, driving us to delve deeper into the heart of the issue: How are tackling methods transmitted, who is responsible, and why are these methods being perpetuated?


Our client is seeking to enhance their regional visibility within a 10-kilometer radius of our academy’s location. Our primary objective is to inform and educate parents whose children are actively engaged in or have an interest in participating in American football. We aim to emphasize the importance of enrolling their children in our academy due to our specialized tackle training method, which is designed to mitigate the risk of concussions. Given the prevalence of this concern within the sport, alleviating parents’ apprehensions is a top priority.

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We provided Tackle Smart Sports with the expertise, guidance and data needed to accelerate growth, putting Tackle Smart Sports on the highway to success.

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Our team of experts conducted research to determine the keywords that would perform best for Tackle Smart Sports in order to increase local visibility within a 10km radius, considering both relevance and search volume. We also began working on local citations and Google My Business optimization to enhance our local visibility.

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We restructured the website for SEO optimization, updated meta titles, and meta descriptions by incorporating relevant keywords, and updated Google My Business to maximize visibility and enhance search-based impression growth.

Our SEO Results

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  • Tackle Smart Sports achieved a 469% increase in keyword ranking, resulting in a 726% boost in organic traffic.
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