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We helped Sports Infra Company grow organic reach by more than 78% and improved lead generation by 300% across all channels.

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Client Overview

Sports Infra Company shines as a symbol of change in India’s sports and fitness scene. Our dedication to encouraging active lifestyles and community growth has elevated us in the sports industry. We’re committed to designing, building, and maintaining top-notch sports facilities, striving to make sports inclusive, cost-effective, and enriching for all. Sports Infra Company aspires to be India’s Sports Ecosystem cornerstone, specializing in sports infrastructure development, installation, management, and maintenance.


Sports Infra Company sought to enhance its market presence and brand recognition within institutional organizations and corporate entities actively exploring opportunities in sports infrastructure investment. Additionally, their objective was to optimize their lead generation cost, which had exceeded 700 Rs. per lead.

Their product portfolio encompasses a range of offerings, including artificial turf, PP interlocking tiles, PVC vinyl flooring, and a variety of other high-quality solutions.

What We Provided

We provided Sports Infra Company with the expertise, guidance and data needed to accelerate growth, putting them on the highway to success.

Our strategy positively impacted on

Strategy Deployment

Our team of experts researched to determine what keywords would perform best for Sports Infra Company, both in terms of relevance and search volume.

After identifying core keywords to target.

We restructured the website and title, subtitle and keywords to maximize visibility and search-based impression growth.



Additionally, Sports Infra Company realized an impressive 220% growth in Top 5 terms, significantly increasing its visibility and driving new impressions on the website.



Our team continued optimizing metadata based on market trends and new learnings.

Our PPC Results

To gain insight into the most effective conversion-driving factors, we conducted an extensive analysis of our competitors. This comprehensive research informed strategic adjustments to our landing page designs and campaign concepts, ultimately contributing to our significant growth.

PPC results included:


  • Increased clicks and impressions helped improve Sports Infra Company’s keyword rankings.
  • Strategies and guidance from the Right Symbol have enabled Sports Infra Company to achieve consistent growth in lead generation and conversions, from which it continues to benefit.

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