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See how we helped a global footwear brand increase ROI by 301% in one quarter.

Increase in Revenue


Increase in ROAS in Q1 2019


Increase in ROAS in Q2 2019


New e-commerce transactions in the first 3 quarters


Client Overview

When a global footwear company like The Athlete’s Foot USA (TAF USA) decides to launch a brand-new e-commerce site, it looks to partner with a digital marketing agency capable of driving online sales at enterprise scale. Then RightSymbol comes into role.

Brand's Objectives

TAF planned to launch a new e-commerce site in Q4 2018 and they wanted to hit the ground running.

We plan to deliver on aggressive sales goals for the 12 months following the launch.

TAF wants Right Symbol to create and manage all digital advertising campaigns and SEO strategies.

The goal was to increases revenue for TAF, quarter by quarter, using a mix of digital marketing strategies.

Strategy & Tactics

TAF had the launch at a critical time when sales tend to peak during Q4. The company needed to get their digital program up and running so that sales were being driven from day one.

To meet these aggressive strategic objectives, we launched with a mix of targeted strategies.

Strategies were monitored and refined, modified, or replaced – always based on the data – in every quarter. It was broadly comprised of the following:


The general strategy, KPIs, and progress are detailed below, from Q4 2018 through Q2 2019.

Q4 2018

Launch the e-commerce site and associated marketing activities.

Q1 2019

Focus on feed-based initiatives, social media campaigns, and promotional periods.

Q2 2019

Maximize feed-based initiatives, drive awareness on social channels, surface sale items in relevant searches.


  • From Q4 2018 to Q2 2019, TAF USA worked with RightSymbol to increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from .86% to 3.89%.
  • By Q2 2019, TAF USA and our team understood where to focus and expand resources to maximize reach and revenue.

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