App Development for Startups: Building Scalable Products

We at Right Symbol are helping startups to convert their concepts into a deploable MVP in less time. We believe that you shouldn’t be dependent on the high execution amount to go to the market with your product.
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We Help Small Teams Do Big Things

We are powering startup businesses from across the globe and transforming their ideas and visions into reality. We have experience working with over 300+ startups that helps us understand how to grow efficiently. We will consult you throughout the process of idea validation, idea valuation, goals outlining and milestone creation. We combine human psychology with design thinking technicalities to make user journeys easy and create future-ready products.

Impeccable App Experience Across Devices

Week-wise Product Version Shipping

Management of Entire App Lifecycle

All Starts With an MVP

We conduct proper market research and testing before launching a full-fledged product into the market with an MVP.

After understanding the details of your vision, product, target audience and the features that you require to stand out, within the next 60 days, our team will come up with an MVP which is ready to roll out in the market and to be presented at the next fundraising meeting.

Our Plan Of Action

We have described a set of plan of actions that helps us never lose the vision of our clients unique requirements and achieve the end goal of the product.

Product Discovery Workshops

Our discovery workshop helps us understand the project needs and is the most efficient way that plays a defining role in the initial planning phase of the product. In product discovery workshops, we define the business goals, and vision of the product, prioritize core functionalities, target market understanding, target user persona, and explore the needs and journey of the product. It streamlines the entire development cycle and ensures the client's vision aligns with the product and end goal.

We have identified product challenges in the ideation and early stages of the product over 100 times during our discovery workshops. The workshop helps us to enable a shared sense of understanding, which leads us to drive the project in the right direction.

Product Scoping Sessions

We transform your product idea into a well-defined scope of work that helps to launch your product faster and cost effectively in the market.

After a full understanding of the product's goals and vision, we define the value propositions, product characterization, and market scope. In our product scoping sessions, we enhance the product understanding and its core functionalities as per client's perspective. We share a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) with our client that includes the project scope and ballpark estimation of budget and timeline.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is a process which helps us to analyze, discover, nurture, and define the product, target audience, market needs, core functionalities, functional and non-functional requirements. Our business analysts work closely with clients and understand their vision to come up with a viable product.

Our business analysts manage the interests of the client and perform strategic analysis throughout every phase of the product development cycle. We explore feasible options while conducting competitor analysis and validate requirement-based solutions after clients approval.

Product Design Sprint

Our product design sprint in divided into 5 phases of brainstorming exercise in 5 days. We aim to transform a product idea into a functionally designed prototype. In a few days we conduct the designing, prototyping and testing to validate assumptions with real users and identify gaps in the entire process.

The following sprint and methodology helps us to orient the entire team and minimizes the failure risks. Design sprints provide valuable insights to our team to understand how end-users will engage with the product and help us filter out the functionalities and features that work.


After design sprints and rapid prototyping, we kick off building the Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is the primary rendition of a digital product. Unblemished with the core functionalities, gathering significant input from its end users is fabricated. We generally endeavor to build a product that is delightful, usable, valuable, and feasible from the very beginning.

Upheld by genuine information and not hypotheses, an MVP helps us in direction and sets the extension for future emphasess. The idea behind driving MVP is to start on approved learning. Launching and promoting on a more modest characterized market helps us in exploring and reception testing.


Improving, Iterating and Upgrading is a continuous process and we offer end-to-end solutions for our clients. We offer long term support and consultation whenever needed for the app that you build with us.

Ensuing in transforming your ideas into a reality, we make your app available to the millions of users at the app store. Our pre-launch testing and post-launch support guarantee you constantly further develop your product's quality and hold your end-users. We trust in balancing out and scaling your product for long term success.

Our Product Discovery & 5 Days Design Sprint Process Helps You Understand What’s Really Important

Holding the user’s needs in sync with your business values is the rule that ensures an effective product launch.

The initial step to understanding user needs begins with indicating your product’s market need – An Answer which we determine through the Product Discovery Process, which significantly spins around, conversing with the end users – the way to app development for startup success.

After our idea validation and feasibility of your app idea, we rely upon Google Design Sprint to get an understanding of your business and learn about what your consumers are looking for. This is the building block of our end-to-end custom software development cycle for startups.

As per our startup software development sprint planning process, we ask you questions, challenge your assumptions, and afterwards drive prioritization based on user needs, business esteem, execution costs, and the requirements of assets and timeline.

The Outcome Of Our Process is an App That Gets Funded

We ensure that our partnership gives you a lot more than a mobile app. Our team of developers are known as startup apps developers for a reason. We offer you bits of insight into how new startups become big ventures and find a group that assists them in remaining at the top. All in all, we make you ready for funding.

  • Our Product Canvas Helps Build Right and Smart.

    We create a product canvas with complete information about the product planning and phases, before we start the software development process. Our product canvas shared with the stakeholders which includes information like – Project’s Goal, Details of the User Persona, and the Functionality, Design, and Characteristics of the Mobile App.

  • We Ship Early and Often

    Our release plan ensures that features escape the entryway at the least possible times. Getting application versions rolled out quickly and frequently increases success chances. We utilize automated tests, an in-house QA group, and strict code review to ensure that the app is dependably fit to be deployed.

  • We Help You Analyze, Grow, and Change

    At a phase where the expense to change is the least, what helps is getting feedback on the core USPs of your app from users. Utilizing tools like user polls, video recordings, and conversions analysis is our main objective to see whether our app development end result is satisfying its objectives.

Amplify Your Startup

Regardless of whether the product that you have envisioned is big or small, your objectives moderate or moonshot, we make it happen.


When a Startup is looking for Angel Investment then this is the best approach to follow.

– Product Manager                   – UI/UX Designer
– Business Analyst                    – Startup Consultant
– Development Support           – Quality Analyst
– Project deployed on a product server
– Setting analytics systems
– Development strategy and post launch support
– 3 month supervision
– Presentation of a project to an investor
– Fundraising support


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