Product Management

The Science behind Remarkable Products

Product management is the keystone of our full-cycle product development process. We drive innovation and strive to create remarkable products with our cutting-edge design and technology.

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We Focus on Developing the Right Products

There is no certain formula for developing a remarkable product. Our team of experts with right skills, go-to-market strategy and frameworks, which confine building the right products.

Our product managers are the focal point of contact for all your requirements and your product is their responsibility.

You can rely on our product managers to refine and shape your product’s vision. They provide you continued visibility at all the phase of the project progress and process.

Our team of designers work collaboratively with product managers. Product managers are responsible to brief designers about the end-users, their pain points and product goals.

A combination of your vision, user feedback and analytics helps them to outline the possibilities and experiences that address the best opportunities.

Our Product Managers Lead the Team to Success

Our team can move faster without any distractions as they have full ownership of the results under product managers.

Specifying the Why, When and What of the Product

At Right Symbol, product management plays an important role. We help you make strategic decisions with our end-to-end expertise in product development.

  • We carry out a mess of obligations spanning from idea to the launch of the product.
  • We outline all the parameters and take full responsibility for your product. During the development cycle, our product managers ask significant questions (What, Why, How, and When) multiple times to ensure that we are on the right track.
  • We also lay down the strategic roadmap for product development and delivery while defining the product line.
  • We provide you with the constant visibility of the project progress and process at every step of the product journey.
  • We conduct market and competitor analysis to create a unique characterisation of the product that offers value to the customers.
  • We make sure that our cross-functional teams are aligned at every phase of the product with our multitude of activities and tactical strategies.
  • We regularly monitor the competitive and technological landscape to measure its implications on our product.
  • Our product management helps us to ensure that the voice of the customer is never neglected. We lead initiatives that drive user feedback.

Product Leadership’s Core Aspects

Core activities of the full cycle of product development will be taken care of by our product managers. We take strategic decisions on the following matters:


Having a close look at detail, our product managers examine beyond the seemingly mundane to identify unique ideas and develop them into feasible features. Their experience and creative capabilities to determine which ideas will be promoted into features as per the key objectives of the product. They ensure to integrate the requests and feedback into the product planning and the status communicated back to the key stakeholders.


Our project managers are responsible to articulate the business value to the development and design teams with a well defined strategy, so that everyone will be on the same page of the project cycle and business understanding. They also identify the ways to achieve strategic goals and initiatives with a product roadmap.


Our product managers allocate the work to each team with the timeline for the full-cycle development process. They also define the launch process and align all activities for a successful go-to-market strategy.

What sets us apart?

Through product management, with our experience in product development, technology and user experience, we are building products that are feasible, valuable and products the people love.

  • We analyze what the product means to the customers, what is the current status of the product and what are the future plans. Our team of experts and their experience is so quick to notice opportunities where others see nothing.
  • Synergy – to make sure everyone is aligned with the product vision, our product managers are responsible to eliminate conflicts and disconnects between different departments to bring optimum results.
  • Our innovation and creativity help us to bring the product with an indisputable niche in the market.
  • We use product insights to materialize a breakthrough idea into a scalable product with stellar design.
  • We follow industry trends to generate valuable insights and set measurable goals. At every step of the process, we provide clarity to the client and stakeholders.

Agile Methodology – A Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age

We break the project into several phases to build successful products most efficiently. We involve our productive teams for faster project delivery.

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Project Development

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