MVP Development – An Approach to Product Building

Lean Startup Methodology has transformed the way how new products are build. With our agile approach, we are delivering products that are delightful, useful, valuable and feasible from day one.
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We Are Transforming Ideas Into Reality With Our MVP Development

Our experience in building MVPs and scaling startups to new heights make us stand out from the crowd. We transform your ideas into a product that millions of people love.

To measure the market potential of any product, Minimum Viable Product is a great tool. MVP is a version of a product with enough features to be usable by early customers to get their feedback for future development plans.

First, we validate the product idea, receive valuable user insights and make sure to iterate and improve a product before fully developing it.

Why Choose Lean Methodology & Building Agile

We have developed and scaled many MVPs in the past few years and it has perpetually helped us in:
  • Release a product as quickly as possible in the market.
  • Before executing a large budget on product development, we can test ideas and assumptions.
  • It helps to get the valuable feedback that sets the path for the future product development by defining the product’s vision to the early customers.
  • Launching and promoting the product into the smaller defined market helps and assists in researching and adoption testing of the product in a cost-effective manner.
  • We can simplify the product development cycle by breaking down the goals into easily achievable milestones.
  • Smooth market penetration.
  • Easy to attract potential investors with a functional product and it’s a good starting for Startups.

Our MVP Development Process

We believe in building market-fit products. We gather valuable customer feedback over instinct and iterative design over a big elaborate design.

To deliver products that make a lasting impact on the market, we believe in forming an idea for arriving at a solution.

  • Solve a specific user problem.
  • Understand what your target audience wants.
  • Conduct research based on user interactions.

Solution = Identify + Target + Analyze

We follow a substantial process to launch an MVP quickly in the market. We follow the understand, develop and measure approach for each solution.

Product Scoping

We spend time in the planning and discovery phase as we believe in setting the right foundation of any product. Product scoping session plays a explicative role in how product will grow. We shape up your business concepts and ideas in our scoping session. It includes all aspects of the product planning, outlining and roadmap.

We review your ideas carefully to come with technical solutions and scope of work document. We underline the product scope, project budget and timeline estimation. Product scoping helps us to develop and design a better product and smooth sailing between our team and clients.

Key Feature Targeting

We aim to retain maximum users for you. And we can't afford to lose them into the maze of features. So, we always strive to find the right balance between a minimal design and the maximum value for the users.

We include only the core functionalities in the priority list of all features. We make sure that we don't lose the essence of the product while focusing on maintaining minimum functionalities. We characterise the product proposition with a holistic approach. Demonstrating the value proposition based on what your target audience wants, what value your product provides to the users and why they choose you over your competitors (USP).

Tangible Prototype Building

A design sprint is a fundamental step in the MVP development cycle which enables quick ideation, prototyping and validation of the product.

We transform your conceptual ideas into tangible ideas that function as a building block for the prototype. We sketch ideas on paper and identify the potentially viable solution in our series of brainstorming sessions.

We end our sprint process with an almost realistic front, a tangible prototype that can be tested with real users.

Designing Delightful Experiences

Our design strategists are very cautious about providing desired experience to the users. We do not afford to compromise the user experience and user interface. Besides crafting aesthetically pleasing designs, we make effortless interactions for your end-user. We integrate branding, usability, and functionality into a product to solve real user problems.

Developing The MVP

We observe actual user engagement with the product and garner valuable insights during prototype testing. After this, we jump to start building an MVP as it is at the core of any digital product. We follow the process to deliver cutting-edge & future-ready mobile & web apps.

The crucial parts of our process are algorithm and code reviews. To meet your unique feature requirements, we tailor the use of development tools and processes.


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