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Mobile application success does not depend only on the idea of the app, it has a lot more than that. It required team of experienced mobile application developers uses the latest technologies and strategies in planning, designing, and developing your mobile app with the best quality that meets your business goal.

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Mobile Apps And The Current World Scenario

With the changing time, humanity is evolving, and the growth of the digital world is growing at an exponential rate.

With things like metaverse now becoming a reality, it is safe to say that we are now living more in the apps like Instagram, Facebook, Linkdin, or WhatsApp.

Apps are not only given us a better way to connect but a way to grow as a business or an individual.

Mobile apps have been a medium between consumers and business holders.  Mobile app development not only give convenience to companies but users also. Therefore the more apps get downloaded by users more will be the growth of companies.

The examples listed below tell us that the growth of an individual company is directly proportional to the number of downloads:-

  • Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook are the apps used to connect with friends and families who live miles apart.
  • Google Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are examples of browsing apps.
  • Apps like Picsart, Kinemaster, and Snapseed are popular for editing pictures and videos.
  • Games like BGMI, Candy Crush, and Temple run are examples of gaming apps.
  • OLA, Uber, Rapido, etc. These Apps are examples of cab booking.

Benefits of having a mobile app

We can understand it by an example of an E-commerce app. Let’s say Amazon. Back in the days, When we were required to buy clothes or any product. We used to go out shopping and spend hours here and there. And quite often we ended up buying nothing except wasting our time.

  • With E-commerce apps, this problem is long gone, as nowadays, everything delivers right at our doorsteps with thousands of products to choose from.
  • Another benefit of having an app is increasing your brand name and value. In modern times, every company wants to give their consumers a quality experience by opting for having an app where consumers find everything at once.
  • Apps also help companies to make their brand name more reliable among the masses.
  • Apps have been proving a medium where a company closely monitors your likes and dislikes to show the things you need.
  • It creates a direct relationship between the company and the consumer with transparency and reliability.
Mobile App

Mobile App Development

It is simply the process from which an app developer brings his concept to reality to run on various platforms like smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

App developers create apps on two bases

  • First one is Web-based apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.
  • The second one is native apps that need no internet connection to perform; For example:- A camera or a calculator.

Now diving more into App development, we need to go more into technical terms.

While developing a mobile app, you need to follow some steps, and here every step is as important as any other step.

App Development Company

Steps Required While Developing An Mobile App

1. You should have a conceptual idea of what kind of app you want to build.

  • Whether you want a native app or a web-based app
  • A productivity app or an entertainment app
  • A lifestyle app or simply an E-commerce app for business
  • You should have proper knowledge of your target audience as they are the real tester after the launch.
  • To make your app stands apart, you should have a USP highlighting your app, Which will attract more users and make you stand apart from the crowd.
  • Know your competition, Analyze the work of other app developers and introspect how you can make the same idea more efficient.
  • Before making your idea work in the form of an app, one should know how much investment he’ll need in app development. This investment will come in time, money, and robust efforts.
  • After building your app, you’ve to test its beta version for a selected audience to check how your app will work after launch.
  • After the successful beta run, you need to market it well so that a percentage of your target audience will get to know about your app.

2. In the second step, A big chunk of your time will spend on market research about your idea and the demand for your product.

  • Firstly, you should know the competition in the market and do well-documented research on the product,
  • Then you go through all the existing apps working on the same principle as your app.
  • Do surveys and take people’s opinions on the concept of your app.
  • It will give you a better idea, which you can implement in your app.

3. Next step is designing a wireframe work and user flow map of the app.

  • In this step, you create your app design and the functions it will have after its launch.
  • It will showcase what and how your app will look like and how it will work.
  • You can design your app blueprint and its functions related to your vision.
  • Wireframe blueprint will work as a reference for the developers while building your app.
  • In wireframe, you can test your app to the extreme and check how it will work on different screens and platforms like android and IOS.
  • To design the wireframe, you should use tools like Sketch, Axure, etc.
  • You can use tools like Invision to check the working of your wireframe as a proper app.
  • After the completion of your wireframe, test your app working by asking your test audience.

4. Implementing designs of your app

  • It’s a part where you work with the prototypes of your app. And the best kind of prototype you can use as the final design of your app.
  • Prototypes will help you check the functionality of your app.
  • In the implementation, designers decide which fonts, color palettes, and other elements they want to use in the final design.
  • The design of your app should be engaging enough to leave your audience in awe.

5. Testing

  • In the testing phase, you showcase your app to your test audience to check for bugs and to get feedback on the app.
  • The testing phase is crucial to see if your target audience finds your app worthy of installation or not.
  • If your app design is engaging and UI is interactive, this will make your app run successfully on different platforms among your targetted audience.


Do you want the best mobile app development company to handle your project? We use innovative technology to provide custom application development services to take your business to the next level. Our well-defined and managed mobile app services balance time, cost, quality and generate higher returns.

What are mobile app development services?

Tech companies that made tailor-made applications for their clients to grow their businesses provide these services, which cover not only app development but a wide range of services like:-

Mobile App Development

Web App Development

E-Commerce App Development

Flutter App Development

React App Development

Hybrid App Development

Blockchain Development

Custom Software Development

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in the London ?

When talking about the pricing, it varies depending upon your demand and the complexity related to your vision.

And it varies from country to country too, If the cost of making an app is x in country A, It can cost xx in country B with better app developers.

Today we are talking about the app development services in the London.

The app developers in the London are world known. So, the services they provide have recognition all over the world.

On average, we can classify apps into three categories:-

  • Simple apps
  • Moderate apps
  • Advanced apps


Simple Apps cost in the London

In a basic app, A user gets features like

  • Notification menu
  • Database
  • Simple User interface
  • Basic-end support
  • Login option
  • Simple UI elements
  • A limited number of screens
  • Time in making app: 2-5 months

With these features, the cost of a simple app goes up from 10k to 50k pounds.


Moderate Apps cost in the UK

Features that a moderate app has:-

  • Customizable User Interface
  • Back-end support
  • API integration
  • Built-in Payment gateways
  • With more than 6 to 15 screens
  • And all the features available in simple apps
  • Time in making app: 3-8 months

These many features cost up to 50k-200K pounds while developing a moderate app.


Advanced Apps cost in the London

  • Customizable User-Interface with advanced functionalities
  • Audio/Video streaming option
  • real-time synchronization
  • Complete back-end support
  • High-security maintenance
  • Multi-language support
  • Database Integration
  • high-quality animation option
  • Screen counts in these apps are more than 15 at least.
  • Time in developing these apps: more than eight months

The cost of making an advanced app goes up to more than 200K pounds.

Are you ready for the following services? Custom Mobile App Development?

Do you want the best mobile app development company to handle your project? We use innovative technology to provide custom application development services to take your business to the next level. Our well-defined and managed mobile app services balance time, cost, quality and generate higher returns.

Why ‘Right symbol’ is Top Rated Mobile App Development Company In London

Mobile App Development

Right Symbol : Right Choice for Custom Mobile Applications Development

We are UK based tech company known for delivering the best solution to our clients, whether it’s about web development or app development.

Our developers are the best market players and are known for their services in the app development market.

With our services getting global recognition, we started operating from three different locations without compromising our ethics and values.

With our headquarter in the UK and our branches in India, the emerging tech-giant of the world.

Right symbol‘ has been continuously delivering top-notch web services.

From web development to cloud computing, from giving a tailor-made app for startups to established enterprises, We are continuously evolving with our client’s needs and demands.

We’ve been supporting WordPress since the beginning. Perfect for large sites or agencies managing multiple clients. Our easy-to-use control panel and API let you spend

What do we offer?

‘Right symbol’ covers a wide range of services which includes:-

Full Cycle APP development

Here our client is assisted throughout the app development process. With our full-cycle app development service, many clients have transformed their businesses from small scale to large scale. Here we transform your vision into a cost-effective mobile app. To give your idea, recognition of a brand.

Product management

While developing the app, Product management is the backbone of the development process.  Where innovations and ideas strive for remarkable products with the help of cutting-edge technology and designs, We focus on developing an app that gives our clients results that are consumers oriented. 


MVP means a Minimum viable product, which helps our developers to get early feedback before launching it on a global scale. It’s a version of the app in which we provide an adequate amount of features to be used by the test audience. Their feedback helps us in making products a perfect fit for the market.


With so many ideas turning into startups, it’s our responsibility to create these ideas accessible through the clicks on your phone. We have already provided many Startups with apps tailor-made to their needs, and with our right solutions, their Startups are generating huge revenues.

Enterprise Software

We at the ‘Right Symbols’ provide established businesses with a perfect solution to their problems, whether reconstructing their old apps or making an app that helps their businesses grow on a larger scale. Our approach has helped them explore endless new opportunities to grow and understand their consumers’ needs.

Software Maintenance & Support

We focus on stabilizing & optimizing your software functionalities after deployment to maintain the quality levels. We ensure software on-time updates to remain future-oriented and scalable.

How ‘Right Symbol’ App development services will help you

So, if you have made up your mind to choose ‘Right Symbol’ as your app developer, then this is how we will help you:-

  • Schedule a consultation meeting for free

We provide our clients with a free consultation guide to understand their needs and provide them with proper guidance on how their vision will look in the form of an app.

So if you are still waiting or finding a way to reach out to us, then it is time to make a call.

  • Choose the services suitable for your need and budget.

We will carefully tailor-make the service that best suits your budget, capabilities, and vision. So that when your consumers use your apps, they will get the premium quality and experience scrolling through the app.

  • Meet with the experts in a one-on-one meeting.

During this meeting, you will meet our experts. They will listen to your ideas and give you the best possible solutions. They will carefully study your business and analytics; to carefully develop the app for your company. Either your business is E-commerce oriented or lifestyle apps that are fitness oriented.

  • See results in your growth and reach.

After the launch of your app, you will start seeing the changes in the growth of your company with positive feedback from your consumers.

We believe in the approach that is user-friendly to clients and the users who avail of their services through their app.

And in no time, you will see the difference between working with ‘Right Symbol’ and other market players.

The team that develops your app will stay in touch with you to provide you with real-time solutions and suggestions related to the app, as we don’t believe in a pay-by-hour policy but in client satisfaction.

Hire Developer or Build in House Team for App Development

  • In conclusion, we can summarize that developing an app is the call of the hour. With growing competition and growing technologies keeping up with the trend has become a necessity,
  • This need is now getting compensated by developing the right app that should give you the edge over others.
  • An app should be designed by considering all the aspects related to clients and consumers. 
  • Sometimes having an app perfected in every sense fails because they are not developed by considering the demand of the audience.
  • And at the ‘Right Symbol.’, we focus on every such thing that provides our clients long-term value to their business needs.
  • So, if you are still wondering about tech solutions to your needs, then choose ‘Right symbol.’ 
  • We are one-stop digital partners to all your problems, whether it’s app development or web development, or any cloud-computing-related problems.
  • We are a team of diversified people with developers from the UK and India working in collaboration on every front of the development.
  • With the successful ten years of journey, we have delivered 2000+ mobile apps and website solutions that have resulted in the growth of our company as well as our clients’ businesses.

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Rajendra Singh
An amazing company to work with !
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Right Symbol really turned our business around. We have increased our sales since we started working with you guys. Best technology solution by experts. Thanks!
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rupesh hissaria
It is one of great company who follow the professionalism in there work. Always follow deadlines, very much supportive to there employees. Good work keep it up 👍
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jaivardhan lakhera
Awesome team to scale digital products
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Great work thanks
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Great Team for SEO, SMO, digital marketing Strategies!
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