Top IT/Mobile App Company In Westminster, London

There are many IT companies in Westminster London, but we’ve found that only a small number of them are specialised in custom software and mobile app development. If you want to work in this field, it is very important to find the top 10 best IT companies in Westminster London in 2022. This article will help you find the best IT companies in Westminster, London, in 2022.

Here is a list of top selective IT companies specialising in custom software and mobile app development for individuals and businesses. There is a huge demand for software and app development companies in Westminster, London. These companies offer custom software and mobile app development services. If you are interested in making your career in this field, this article will help you find the top 10 best IT companies in Westminster, London, in 2022.






    Here is the list of Top IT Companies in Westminster London 2022. Our company researched this ranking, so it is trusted.


    Right Symbol

    About: Right Symbol is a globally recognized technology solution company. We are a family full of brilliant people with experience in android and iOS mobile app development, web app development, custom software solutions, UI/UX designing that help global brands, enterprises, small and mid-size businesses, and startups.

    We are transforming business ideas and visions into digital products with our agile development process. We create scalable, performant, and future-ready web and mobile app platforms that deliver real value and win industry accolades.

    Our headquarter is in London, United Kingdom. One of our development centers is in India.

    We are a family that represents togetherness for over a decade of successful journeys. We believe in transforming ideas into products that your customers love. Our expertise in technology and agile strategy makes it easy for us.

    We aim to be one of the top companies to be known as Digital Solution Architects, by empowering our clients, businesses and startups to grow 10X faster with new market possibilities and go-to-market strategy.

    We have delivered various industry-led web and mobile applications into domains with futuristic technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, AR-VR, Voice assistants and Voice Skills, DevOps & Cloud computing, etc.

    We proudly challenge ourselves and feel empowered when it comes to technology experts who create future-ready products with the perfect market fit. Our team makes sure that we will deliver to our clients on time or before.

    We feel proud of ourselves when it comes to delivering innovative, digital products that make an impact. The best way to connect with your customers is to create memorable experiences with them. On this journey, we have partnered with start-ups, small & medium size businesses, Fortune 500 companies, etc. from multiple domains to unlock value through technology, dynamic & creative web design, and disruptive go-to-market strategies.

    We help you identify the unique value proposition of your business. Our marketing minds & creative designers know how to put your story in front of your target audience with our bespoke web and mobile app development that can convert them into your customers.

    71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

    Visit Website                      +44 740 127 3458

    Rajendra Singh
    Rajendra Singh
    An amazing company to work with !
    Emma Megan
    Emma Megan
    Right Symbol really turned our business around. We have increased our sales since we started working with you guys. Best technology solution by experts. Thanks!
    rupesh hissaria
    rupesh hissaria
    It is one of great company who follow the professionalism in there work. Always follow deadlines, very much supportive to there employees. Good work keep it up 👍
    jaivardhan lakhera
    jaivardhan lakhera
    Awesome team to scale digital products
    Mukesh Bhatt
    Mukesh Bhatt
    Great work thanks
    Saboor Khan
    Saboor Khan
    Very professional
    Great Team for SEO, SMO, digital marketing Strategies!


    About: Artecha specializes in Data Engineering and Data Science, serving small to large companies. With their expertise, they can provide turn-key services that include data sourcing, big data analytics, business intelligence and cloud computing.

    Thomas House, 84 Eccleston Square, , Pimlico, London, United Kingdom SW1V 1PX


    About: Miratech links innovation from the global enterprise and start-up worlds. Supporting digital transformation globally, it helps visionary companies help to change the world.

    4-12 Regent St., St. James’s, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 4RG


    About: 6Point6 is an IT managed services company with headquarters in London, and a midsize team. They offer IT services including mining, software development, cyber-security, and BI consultation.

    130 Jermyn St, St. James’s, St. James’s, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 4UR


    About: Forecast is a company that offers cloud consulting and Business Intelligence. They are headquartered in the United Kingdom, Melbourne, Australia, Bundall and Pyrmont. They were founded in 2010 by a small team and started building with consultation services as well as Business Intelligence both offering customized solutions based on artificial intelligence.

    8 St. James’s Square, St. James’s, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 4JU


    About: PredictX is a company that uses AI and big data to identify trends. They are found in London and Atlanta, in the United Kingdom and the United States. The midsize agency was launched in 2014.

    52, Grosvenor Gardens, London, United Kingdom SW1W 0AU

    Scott Logic

    About: Scott Logic is a midsize software development firm located in Newcastle, London, Bristol, and Edinburgh that specializes in custom software development.

    5th Floor, 13 Charles II St, St. James’s, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 4QU


    About: FORVIS is a Springfield, Missouri-based accounting company. The large team offers accounting, business consulting, finance & accounting outsourcing (FAO), and cybersecurity. FORVIS was founded in 1923.

    11B Regent St., St. James’s, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 4LR

    CompatibL Technologies LLC

    About: CompatibL Technologies LLC is a Level 3 midsize software development firm that was launched in 2003, catering to the purposes of creating custom software development, cloud consulting & SI, application management & support, IT managed services and more.

    The Clubhouse 8, St. James’s Square, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 4JU

    Four Business Solutions

    About: Four Business Solutions is a London, United Kingdom based logistics consulting company with a focus on supply chain management, business intelligence and other information technology related topics. With expertise in areas ranging from cloud technology to unified communications, the company was formed in 2003.

    120 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 5EA


    About: With a small team of focused professionals, Ancoris specializes in “cloud consulting & SI, application management & support, enterprise app modernization, unified communications consulting & SI and more.” Founded in 2003 and located in Bracknell, United Kingdom, the company has helped over 20 clients achieve success as they grew their businesses.

    123, Buckingham Palace Road, Bracknell , United Kingdom SW1 W9

    Onyx Data

    About: A computer services and artificial intelligence business, Onyx Data has its headquarters in Aylesbury, United Kingdom. They provide BI consulting for developers and big data professionals. The company was founded in 2019.

    4, Millbank, Westminster, United Kingdom SW1P 3JA.

    Bluewire Solutions

    About: Bluewire Solutions is a small IT managed services company, serving clients from the UK from Wokingham. Launched in 2009, their team helps to build and maintain computer systems, offer data strategy consulting and cloud services, and global integrations for software outsourcing.

    100 Victoria St, Cardinal Place, London, United Kingdom SW1E 5JL


    About: Reply offers Artificial Intelligence-related services including consulting, BI/big data management, Application Management, and IT strategy. They are located in Italy, UK.

    38, Grosvenor Gardens, London, United Kingdom SW1W 0EB

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