Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

This fast-paced world is blooming at an escalating rate in the field of mobile apps. With mobile users touching half the world’s population, It is evident that mobile app technology is the field to eye on.

As more than 90% of the users spend their time with apps, whether for entertainment purposes or getting connected. Therefore to stay in the competition, every tech company tries its best to build apps that reach the masses.

So, whether big tech giants or emerging tech companies, they all are switching to a technology that could ease their workload and give them more efficient results. And to dominate the competition, every company tends to adopt those methods that are more user-friendly, more resilient and cost-effective, and more flexible to different situations.

And one such approach is known as ‘Hybrid App Development.’ In this app development, We develop an app that is a blend of native and web solutions.

In developing a hybrid app, developers code in languages used in web solutions to coding its core, for example:-

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Then, this core envelops within the native application.

The result of this amalgamation is called a Hybrid app, which uses wrapper technology.

What is wrapper technology?

‘Wrapper Technology is the process in which one app envelops and hides the complexity of another app with the help of its interface.’

And to convert the data into a compatible format. In short, we can say that Hybrid apps are the web pages boxed in a mobile app using WebView.

What is WebView?

‘WebView helps users to access the web contents through the app only instead of using a system browser.’ And to build these apps, developers use cross-platform frameworks like:-

  • ReactNative   
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • NativeScript
  • Phonegap
  • Appcelerator

Cross-platform frameworks

A cross-platform framework is a tool that helps developers code for a single time and then uses it on different platforms like:- Android, IOs, and Windows.

The top cross-platform frameworks in the market are:-

1. Flutter

  • Flutter is a multi-platform framework that is open-source and powered by Google. It helps developers to build apps for various devices like:-

Android, IOS, Microsoft, Web apps and embedded devices.

  • Developers use a single codebase in a flutter to make it work on different platforms.
  • Hybrid apps developed with flutter have quite an interactive interface and with its various tools and customizable widgets, hybrid app development becomes easier, reliable, and efficient.
  • It helps in simplifying the workflow with an enhanced speed of processing.
  • It gives the liberty to control every pixel depending on the developer’s need, and the screen will adapt automatically with the help of the

‘Flutter rending engine.’

  • With a flutter cross-platform framework, almost every code becomes multi-platform.

2. Native Script

  • Native Script is an open source cross-platform framework that allows developers to use JavaScript and TypeScript to develop cross-platform apps that connect with APIs of mobile devices.
  • Developers use Native Script to develop apps for Android and IOS. It also works like Flutter, which is ‘A single code and multi-platform use.’
  • Native Script is used for developing complex and more advanced apps with comparatively high performances on every device.

3. React Native

  • React Native is a cross-platform framework developed by Facebook.
  • It’s so versatile that not only hybrid apps but native and other apps can also be developed using React Native. It comes with highly advanced features, one among them is code reusability.
  • Other advanced features are:- community support, Live reload, native plugins, and much more. It gives users a feel of the native app within the hybrid apps.

4. Phonegap

  • The Apache Software Foundation developed the PhoneGap framework.
  • And it is also an open-source platform widely known for its compatibility and easily accessible functions. The apps developed in Phonegap are easier and faster.

5. Appcelerator

  • Appcelerator is a cross-platform framework that was acquired by AXWAY back in 2016. to build native, hybrid, and mobile web apps to run over different platforms.
  • Apps created using the Appcelerator were written in the native language but ran on almost all platforms without any language barrier.
  • Despite having many benefits and usage, Appcelerator will face its discontinuation from the 1st of September 2022.

5. Ionic

  • Ionic cross-platform was created by ‘DRIFTY CO.’ in 2013. It became popular among developers as it is developed on standardized web technologies and comes with tools for native compatibility.
  • It is an open-source framework with better UX/UI designs. Prototyping in Ionic is comparatively very quick with good performance.
  • With the Ionic framework, developers get testing convenience with full utilization of Cordova Plugins. With the Ionic framework, developers use AngularJS to bridge the gap between AngularJS web applications and hybrid applications.

Why do developers use a cross-platform framework?

Cross-platform frameworks come with so many benefits like:-

  • It helps in building hybrid apps.
  • It gives a wide range of users exposure 
  • Easy to maintain and deploy
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster app development 
  • Reusability of code
  • Reduction in time-to-market Therefore every big tech company has now switched to the hybrid app models,for example:- Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Gmail, Instagram

hybrid app development framework

Hybrid Apps vs. Native Apps

Nowadays, more and more developers are coding to make hybrid apps instead of native apps for many visible reasons.

But first, let us discuss:-

What are native apps? Why are they important?

Developers develop native apps when they want to build an app for a specific task with a designated platform. 

These apps are developed using SDKs (Software development tools). 

For Android, Native apps are getting developed on the Java Platform.

For IOS Apps, native apps are getting developed on SWIFT.

Advantages of Native apps:-

  • These apps are faster as they are fundamentally aligned to the platform requirements.
  • No internet is required to run most of the Native apps. Even without the internet, some of the basic features of the apps are still accessible.
  • High-end games or heavily animated apps work better when developed as native apps as native languages are faster than HTML or CSS.
  • The aspect ratio of native apps is maintained to give better graphic quality.
native app development


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Hybrid apps vs. Native apps

  • To build a native app, you should have a budget, whereas hybrid apps are getting developed at approximately half the rate for the same quality.
  • Hybrid app developers use the same code for different platforms like android and ios, whereas developers need to code differently for multiple platforms.
  • The maintenance of a hybrid app is very convenient, unlike native apps, which sometimes give developers a run for their money.
  • Moreover, in native apps, security updates and regular updates take time to upload to the server, which then needs to be downloaded by the users to access those updated features.

But that is not the case in the hybrid apps,  which are very portable on different devices and platforms.

  • Examples of Native apps:- Whatsapp, Youtube, and Spotify
  • Examples of Hybrid apps:- Instagram, Discord, and Twitter 

Benefits of Developing Hybrid Apps


Upsurge in performance

  • Hybrid apps are known for their performance with quality assurance.
  • Its speed of processing exceeds that of native apps and progressive apps.
  • Zero dependencies on networks result in a good performance.
  • Works better irrespective of the number of users accessing the app. It means hybrid apps crash very rarely.
  • Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter mobile apps are examples of hybrid apps dealing with an enormous amount of data every single second.


User Experience improved with an engaging user interface.

  • Hybrid apps provide a very smooth experience to their users, whether Android or IOS.
  • Rendering of graphics and content is quite fast in hybrid apps because of the lighter UI
  • App store or play store approves hybrid apps faster than native apps as the UI of these apps gives a far better user experience.
  • Hybrid apps give a very smooth and hassle-free streaming experience.
  • Adaptive in nature for faster data display.


Reusability of code

  • Native app developers often use designated coding languages like Java for android and Swift and #C for IOS. Whereas, Hybrid app developers use web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Hybrid app developers can use single code for different platforms.
  • Time spent on testing is significantly reduced because of the same codes, unlike the native apps, where testers need to test the same app for different platforms.

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Process of Hybrid Apps Development

custom mobile app development rightsymbol

Right Symbol : Right Choice for Custom Mobile Applications Development

Firstly to develop any hybrid app, you must know about your vision and idea for which you want to develop the app.

And the market for which you want to develop the app. Then know the need and get the feedback from users to include as a feature in your app.

After the survey, contact hybrid app developers and take a consultation about your idea as a hybrid app.

‘Hybrid app developers then start building your app’

First, they will choose a framework required as per the requirement.

Cross-platform frameworks include every essential thing that you going to need in developing a hybrid app

These frameworks include:

  • Libraries
  • Contain APIs
  • Codes (reusable)
  • And many other important features

While developing a hybrid app choosing the framework best suited for your app needs will help you the most and make the development of the app easier

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Cost of Making a Hybrid App?

Hybrid app development is very cost-effective than the native app. As same codes will be running on every platform like Android and IOS.

So, let us check how much hybrid app developers will charge you for developing the app.

The cost of developing a hybrid app depends on various factors like:-

  • Development location
  • Technology used
  • Programming language
  • Developer expertise

All these things combined to make a hybrid app that will cost you around $5000 to $1,00,000

Time spent developing a hybrid app is from one month to six months, 

time spent is as per the complexity of your app.


So, if you want to develop a hybrid app, then connect with the right hybrid app developers. Who can provide you with the right direction, and they will also give you a better knowledge of whether you need a hybrid or a native app?

Still, if you are wondering about how you will find developers who can understand your needs, then contact ‘RIGHT SYMBOL.’

At ‘RIGHT SYMBOL.’ We understand our client needs and give them proper feedback for developing their app.

With thousands of happy customers and millions of apps installed, RIGHT SYMBOL has made its name all over the world. And we can do the same for you.

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